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Andrea Lack | Graduate FEB 2018 & Owner Testarossa Fitness | WA

Studying at the Australian College of Weight Management was an absolute delight! I mostly appreciated the helping approach of the amazing Laura Bowman, she promptly answered any questions I ever had, giving absolutely enormous encouragement and support during the whole study. The Certificate IV in Weight Management was really educating, I have a lot more knowledge in psychology of overweight clients now, which is really great and ideas on how to run my personal training business even better and more efficient than before. Thank you for the opportunity to be one of your students.

May Zaki | Graduate December 2017 | New South Wales

I want to share my amazing experience with the Australian College of Weight Management. I spent months before enrolling into my Certificate IV in Weight Management searching for the right course to study, but I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the material I saw until I got the course brochure via email from ACWM.

I am really excited as I got all in one, everything I need to build my own practice. Starting from the business and marketing plans, how to build my network from scratch, till the detailed consultation technique, and how to coach my clients, all the way to very rich material of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, this is all in addition to how to manage stress and recommend the suitable nutrition and exercise plan to suit my clients.

Sestilia Mazzocca | Graduate December 2017 | Victoria

My name is Sestilia Mazzocca and I have just finished studying with the Australian College of Weight Management. Words can’t describe how fantastic this College is; the support I got was far and beyond my wildest expectations. You won’t find this level of support anywhere else (I know I have tried). The knowledge that the support team have is fantastic.

I have dyslexia and, in the past, I felt like I had it but not with this College. The confidence they give me with my studying was the best I ever had.
They don’t just give you your Certificate and say see you later, no they’re still there if I need any help. I can call and they well help me out no matter what. For example, I need some help with starting up a business and they’re still there helping me out giving me the support I need to start my business up.

I would highly recommended studying with the Australian College of Weight Management, I feel like they’re now my other family. I love this College so much I am now a member and I will be back to study further. Thank you again for everything, I am so glad I found this College.

Fiona Johnston | Graduate OCT 2017 & Owner Mind & Body Weight Loss Management| QLD

“Studying and recently graduating from the Australian College of Weight Management was the best decision I have ever made in relation to the career path I wished to follow. I have always been passionate about the weight loss industry and choosing other paths along the way (retail, automotive etc), has always brought me back to this industry. Having lost 42kg and continue to lose (30kg to go), this course has given me the tools and the knowledge to help other people just like me.

The study was hard in parts, but I always said, if it was easy, everyone would do it…you have to be dedicated, passionate and willing to ask for help when needed. Laura was my Tutor and she was so helpful and supportive, I wouldn’t have got through it without her (and my husband lol).

So, I recommend this course for anyone who wants to pursue the weight loss industry or even just have the knowledge to use on their own weight loss journey. No matter what it is, just go for it. The College’s payment plan option was also helpful and cost effective.

I have since started my own weight management business (Mind & Body Weight Loss Management) and I have applied the skills and knowledge that I learned in my new business. I will be continuing my studies with the ACWM. Thank you for the opportunity to be a student of ACWM. :-)”

Shannon Pepper | Weight Loss Consultant | Health Burst

“For years I had a passion with food, and assisting people with reaching their goals and helping people get their body confidence back. After spending a while putting it off I decided in February I would do something about it. I Stumbled across the internet and found ACWM website. The very day I found the website was the day I signed up.

Everyone at ACWM has been absolutely amazing, the support has been tremendous. The information through course material was fantastic and I have learnt so much.

In September 2014, I opened my own weight loss consultancy business (Health Burst). It is very rewarding being a Weight Loss Consultant and I love being able to work with my passion every day and enrich other people’s lives.

So thank you ACWM , I am so appreciative of everything you have done for me and I encourage everyone to enrol!”

Shaun Herman | Graduate| New Zealand

“This course has been a real eye opener to addressing barriers hindering clients’ pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. An holistic tailored approach to weight loss, health and wellness, I feel I came out this course with a whole new product and business. Very exciting times ahead.”

Sindy Wilson | Student | VIC

“After losing 15kgs, and overcoming a few health issues by changing my diet to whole foods, people began to ask for me health and weight loss advice. I was stuck in a dead end job, and loved to help and motivate others to achieve their goals, but it had never actually occurred to me that I could be doing what I love for a living.

The Australian College of Weight Management course popped up in my Google search for education in nutrition. I had no idea what a Weight Loss Consultant was, but the description was written for me and it was everything I was looking for. I searched a few similar online courses, and found ACWM to be much more thorough in course content, from nutrition and psychology to business management. Without hesitation, I began the course, and it was the best career decision I have made in years.

The staff at ACWM are so friendly and supportive, you instantly feel a part of a family with the connections via Facebook, the webinars, traveling masterclasses, and by connecting with your local students. Sonja Bella, the founder of ACWM , is an Industry Leader, admirably inspirational, and such a beautiful person. I am very thankful to have met her.

Currently I am half way through the course and I already have my own business, website, Facebook page, and am now gaining industry experience by working in sales at a large Platinum Health Club chain in Melbourne. I consult potential members to help them achieve their goals at the club, and am designing Weight Loss Meal Plans for promotional Personal Training Programs.

The course work is extensive, and has the freedom to explore health and diet topics of your choice. I feel confident, educated and completely prepared for my career when I finish. I am amazed with where this course has taken me so far and the people I have met, and I am ecstatic for what the future holds. Thank you ACWM .’’


Amanda Koppen | Graduate| QLD

“I have always passionate about a natural healthy lifestyle, with whole foods, no sugar and no preservatives, even to the point of using all natural medicine for myself and my children; but it only dawned on me at 41 years of age that I should be doing this for a living because it’s something I am so passionate about.

I was a little scared though as I had been out of school for 23 years and didn’t know how I would go with studying because I definitely wasn’t good at it when I was at school. So I started to look around at courses but was unsure if I would be able to do a full 3 years of study to become a nutritionist, also the money factor played a big part.

I came across the Australian College of Weight Management and thought, well this is affordable, it will qualify me to start coaching people in losing weight naturally and I have a year to complete it in my own so to me it was a win win situation. Plus it would prove to me if I would be able to study again.

Well I loved it so much that I actually finished the course in record time! I have 2 young children under the age of 4, so I could only study at night time, but it is amazing what you can achieve when you start to do your passion and that for me is helping people to become a healthier and more empowered being.

Everyone at the ACWM were very supportive and helpful and were always there for me when I needed them.

I would highly recommend this course and remember when you have a passion and a dream the universe will work with you. I am now enrolled to start my full Advanced Diploma in Natural Medicine to become a nutritionist.”


Toni Wood | Weight-Loss & Well-Being Coach | Love Your Weight

“This course delivered everything I was expecting & more! I knew that I would gain all the skills necessary to begin my new career as a Weight-Loss & Well-Being Coach, and I did. What I wasn’t expecting was to learn EVERYTHING I needed to start & market my new business. Thanks to Sonja & the team at the Australian College of Weight Management I now have my coaching business up & running!”

Fatma Gazelci | Graduate| NSW

After many years of resorting to all sorts of weight loss programs and diets, I finally realised that the holistic approach was the greatest approach to weight loss and wellbeing. My interest and desire to learn about nutrition and weight loss in a healthy and manageable manner is what lead me to do my course through ACWM . It isn’t just a quick course, instead it gives you knowledge and equips you to tailor design each individual’s weight loss program and also prepares you on how to market your skills and business.

Di Scott | Weight Loss Consultant| Nutrition & Weight Loss Solutions

“Nutrition and health have always been my passion. Working as a Fitness Instructor in a Women’s Gym I work with women advising them on their fitness and weight loss goals. I have a very personal interest in the area of weight loss and health, having lost a lot of weight in my early twenties and maintaining my weight and health for 25 years.

I wanted to attain more skills and knowledge in the area of nutrition, meal & diet planning and in particular, behavioural change and goal setting, with the idea in the future of creating my own business.

Researching online for the right course I discovered the Australian College of Weight Management’s qualification, which ticked all the boxes I was looking for. An online work at your own pace course, which included not only nutrition, business and marketing modules but also running group programs and behavioural change. The course gave me the flexibility I needed whilst working and juggling family commitments. The support provided during the course was always available and even after completing the course (close to a year ago), becoming a Member of the ACWM has provided ongoing opportunities to attend workshops and seminars, online webinars and a network of like-minded professionals and colleagues for continued professional development and support.

The skills and confidence I have gained from completing my qualification and having access to industry experts, allowed me to take the next step by starting my own business last year, which is steadily growing, and I’m loving it!

I highly recommend the ACWM for anyone wishing to further develop or gain professional skills and qualifications in the nutrition & weight loss industry.”


Tanisha Tottman | Founder | Busy Slim

“I decided to enrol with the Australian College of Weight Management after attending a conference to gain more knowledge about the subject of Weight Loss. Having already looked into different courses that would provide greater knowledge than I already have, and provide credibility in this field, I was impressed by what the course offered and signed up to do it on the same day I found out about it.

I have been studying for the past year and it has been easy to follow and immensely rewarding. The information provided and the confidence I have gained through doing the course has been outstanding. Not only have I learned a great deal but doing this course also gave me a solid platform for creating my own Weight Loss Consulting business Busyslim, which kicked off in July 2014 and is going forward in leaps and bounds.

Doing this course has been one of the best choices I have ever made! If you are serious about learning about how to help people lose weight then you need look no further….this is definitely the qualification for you!”


Ashleigh McCormick | Graduate

“The best thing about the Certificate IV in Weight Management is the focus on a whole of life approach to weight loss – it includes the mental side of weight loss, which is so important to include in a weight loss program. I also love the ongoing support available to graduates including workshops and webinars as well as the private students and members community which can be accessed through Facebook. I certainly recommend studying with the Australian College of Weight Management to those who want to contribute to the reduction of obesity within Australia.

Kerrie Robson | Graduated August 2015 | NSW

“I was looking for a career change in an exciting industry and came across the Australian College of Weight Management’s course. I am nearly half way through the course online, and have found it extremely interesting and easy to follow, with a lot of information and research materials provided. I receive constant online and direct support provided whenever I need it.

I have learned so much about nutrition, its effects on the human body, the importance of psychology behind Weight Loss, and in general, healthier ways to lose weight. I can’t wait to complete
the course and get into the industry.”


Suzie Farrell | Student

“Sonja and her team made it very easy to start my course. I downloaded everything I needed to get things going. If I have had a problem with my assignment questions I have been given information so that I can resubmit the question. I’m not finished yet but so far my experience has been positive.”

Debby North | Student

“I am part way through my course and I must say I am most impressed with the customer service from my initial enquiry to the current support I am receiving. I highly recommend the Australian College of Weight Management. I found the college’s method of online delivery most suitable to my current schedule. Even though delivery is online you never feel that you are alone as the tutors are always there for you. Coming from a training background myself of adult education I can honestly say that the college is of a high standard and I am very confident of completing my course and obtaining the necessary skills of becoming a weight loss consultant. I highly recommend them.”


Christina Rasmussen | Student

“I have been interested in health and fitness for around 14 years now, more specifically the nutrition side of it. When I graduated from high school the only course at university that interested me was Nutrition and Dietetics. I began my studies in personal training through Fit Nation but threw it in after I was about ¾ of the way through. I then went back to university to study Health Sciences in Nutrition but only completed 6 months as it was difficult with work and travel. Finally I have found a course with the Australian College of Weight Management that is convenient, well structured, professional and very manageable for me. It focuses on a holistic approach so I get to learn about psychology and nutrition, not just exercise. The staff are motivating, helpful and professional. I would thoroughly recommend this course.”

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